Complaints from Product Owners

Credit: ShotPrime Studio

“My team is not efficient and the velocity is lower than the other teams (squads).” “ I have no idea what the developers are doing and why things are going so slow.” “ I’m going to meet with them more frequently to check their progress each day.” “Things keep getting carried over to the next sprint and almost nothing is done in time.”

Complaints from Developers

We’ll be using the following setups for this walkthrough

  • Springboot
  • Kotlin
  • Maven
  • OpenApiTool
  • Swagger-Codegen
  • Java 8
  • Intellij

Project setup

Let’s setup the Springboot code base first at

Download the generated project and load it into Intellij

Write your own YAML Contract

You can use SwaggerHub to write the contract. The online editor provides intellisense and error checking. You can also see the contract UI real time as you construct the contract. For our demo we’ll write up a basic contract.

I’ll use the below yaml for this demo.

openapi: 3.0.0 servers: # Added by API Auto Mocking Plugin - description: SwaggerHub API Auto Mocking url: info: description: This is a simple API version…


How often do we have to deal with integration with third party APIs? I probably spent about 50% - 60% of my time integrating with someone else’s APIs and in some industries you could be spending up to 90% of your time integrating with someone else’s ready-to-go product. In this post I’ll be sharing some of the common issues I’ve faced before I discovered OpenAPI (or commonly known as Swagger) and how OpenAPI helped to resolve them.


If the word document below looks familiar to you then you can probably sympathize with me. How many hours I spent in the…


Just another developer who's into lazy tools that can make my life easier, and hopefully yours too.

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