Putting out the fire from the angry scrum team

Complaints from Product Owners

Credit: ShotPrime Studio

Complaints from Developers

Credit: dooder

A word for the developer

Be transparent as to what you’re doing

Keep the board moving and make your progress public

Be transparent as to what you’re assigned

Credit: Greg Johns-Hiking Fiasco

Establish trust within the team

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A word for the product owner

Everything takes time and effort

Credit: https://altis.com.au/effort-and-bi-is-the-focus-shifting/

Another meeting will only be counter productive

Credit: https://timemanagementninja.com/2015/02/how-many-meetings-are-on-your-calendar-this-week/

Manage the expectation for your superior and team

Credit: https://totalwomenscycling.com/lifestyle/travel/cost-of-transporting-your-bike-by-plane

Reward the team and let them have small breaks inbetween goals

Trust the team that you’re working with

Credit: http://www.gavinoguiso.it/2020/09/13/la-triste-fine-della-figura-del-micromanager-accentratore/

Last words

Just another developer who's into lazy tools that can make my life easier, and hopefully yours too.

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